Training...We Talking About Training?

The training is getting tougher now. My legs are constantly tired. The good news is, much of my pain from arthritis is gone. I typically wake up and have to stretch and roll before I can leave my house. Lately, I have only been sporadically rolling and mostly just stretch in the morning. I feel really good… and really tired! I continue to be excited about this journey and as it is taking me places physically that I’ve never gone to before I am excited to see how I feel by the time I do this Ironman. I’ve begun taking swimming lessons privately, I am anxious to get myself to a place where I feel comfortable swimming long distances, not like I’m going to drown. I am confident that day will co

Gonna Make You Sweat..

I had a great night a couple of nights ago. My wife and I went to a gala and had a blast. Then I woke up Sunday morning...tired, a little hung over, and jumped on my bike to train for my Ironman. Sorry about the gross photo, but it describes what I went through that morning. It wasn't fun. That's sweat from the bike ride on the trainer. Then, this morning, I went to swim class at 6am. It was super difficult, but you know, it reminds me of people who are successful in whatever it is that they do. It doesn't matter what it is, it just matters that you do your best at all times. Even when no one's looking. Congrats to all those who do the hard work that is necessary. #EatYourVegetable

Ironman Training

Well, I've determined I am doing an Ironman in 2019. Here's the issue. I'm not a swimmer. There seems to be two camps in the triathlon world. There's the swimmers, who hate the running and/or biking, and the runners/bikers who just try to get through the swim without drowning. I am a runner, and swimming has stopped me from trying to do an Ironman for years. But here's the thing. I know I CAN swim 2.4 miles, if I train enough. It makes logical sense. It's just the fear in my head that says I can't. So I must squash that voice, and be positive that I will swim the distance with confidence on November 24. The hardest part about swimming is that you can't "power" your way through it.

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