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And So It Begins....

Welcome to my blog! My name is Rob Wicall, and after I left the Spurs as The Coyote, I had some time to reflect on the last 20 years of my life.

Rob Wicall - The Whycall Experience

How did I do as a mascot? What did I leave behind that was lasting? What did I learn? And what do I do now? That is how came about. I began to ask myself, "Why would anyone WANT to call Rob now?" Also, it's a fun play on words with my name, but it helped me to delve into what made The Coyote tick. My conclusions, and my continued thoughts are what will make up a blog on this site. I hope it inspires you, I hope it makes you smile, and mostly, I hope it makes you want to keep reading!

'Til Next Time,



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