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Time Trials

Well, the Ironman training is really amping up now! This last weekend I ran 13 miles on Saturday and rode 70 miles on Sunday. Man, was I was tired and sore. The crazy part is...the training will just continue to increase in mileage! It is amazing what you can get your body to do. This is already more than I have ever trained. I am stronger than I've felt in years, and I am just going to get stronger! I am really loving that part of my training for an Ironman.

Here's why I named this blog Time Trials though, it's not because I was timing myself this weekend :) It is because the training that I HAVE to do to complete an Ironman in November takes so. much. time. By the way, I still have a family and work! For instance, Saturday morning the boys and I were at breakfast at 7 am to make it to the city wide bike rodeo by 8 am. Then we raced to a school event at 9 am where I dropped them off with their Mom who had been there since 8 am setting up the event, so I could race to the medical center area for the Arthritis Foundation's Walk For The Cure that kicked off at 9:30 am, of which I am on the board. THEN, I went home, ate and went for a two hour long run while the rest of the family went to a birthday party. Then, Sunday morning I woke up early again and was out riding my bike before the sun came up. But that's life, isn't it? I am training for an Ironman, but we all have our "things" that make life crazy with kids. It is difficult to continue to find time for self when you have a family and work. It's hard to find time for self without a family and work! Much less when you have kids!

How do you balance it all? What does "balance" really mean? I think it's different for each and every person. All I know is this. You can let life pass you by and never do the things that YOU want to do and blame it on work, I know, at the end of my life I don't want to regret NOT accomplishing life and resent my circumstances for it. What about you? How do you balance it all? Let me know! We all can learn from each other!! Have a great week everybody, and I hope time is on your side.

Accomplish Life,


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