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TEDx San Antonio

WOW!!! What a weekend! On Saturday I gave my TED talk ( the picture above is at the end of my talk when I had performers storm the room, including a t-rex), and on Sunday an article about me came out in the Rivard Report. I feel like all I've been doing is reconnecting with old friends who've reached out, connecting with new friends, and preaching my message of positive impact. During this time of strife and division in our country, I feel like (and have been told a number of times) this is a timely message. It seems to resonate with many people who are seeking some positivity in their lives.

So I challenge anyone reading this article, just as I did the people watching my TED talk. I challenge you to make a difference, a moment, for one person per week. It can be small, but DO something for one person per week. Donate to a charity with your time or money, help a family who needs it, or simply find a person at work who needs somebody and be THAT somebody. Just a simple compliment and a smile can do wonders! This Universe is made up of energy, and creating positive energy is what it needs right now. If not you...who?


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