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I Like My Pace Medium

You know how you can buy Pace picante sauce either mild, medium, or hot? Well, I like mine medium. Today I learned I like my bike pace medium too. I know, it's a lame joke, but hey, I made a career of making lame jokes!

Today I rode in my first group bike ride. I would call it a race, but they didn't time it, so it was just a ride. I started out riding fast. I was too excited. It was a 62 mile ride, my longest ever, and by mile 22 or so, I was already beat. I still had a long way to go though. This is the point at which I learned my lesson...medium pace is best. I finished the race just fine, In fact, I recovered enough to press the last 10 miles or so and go fast again. By then, I knew I could finish no problem. It was a great learning experience for the Ironman. That race is so long, there is no way I can push hard at any point. I think I will need all of the energy I can muster just to get to the finish. It will be hard for me to hold back early on, but I will have to learn to do it. Or else I will pay the consequences. I've done endurance running for years, but this is a whole new ballgame. I HAVE to pace myself. I have to find that middle ground where I'm not too slow, but I'm not burning myself out.

By the way, when I slowed down, I really started to enjoy the ride! I was able to look around and enjoy. Talk to people. Check out other people's bikes. I saw a roadrunner who ran with me for a little while (that's pretty funny and ironic!). But it made me think...pace is pretty important in more than just this Ironman. I slowed my pace down and enjoyed more. I should do that in life too.

Anyway, something I need to remember.

Enjoy your pace!


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